Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Week, Went On a Date

Hey Y'all. Here's hopin' that you've had a sensational week and are preparing yourself for the fun of the weekend. Yippee! I've been so very busy this week, work work work, goin' in early and leavin' for home late.

At least it hasn't been all work and no play. I did go on a date, a dinner date to a nice restaurant last evenin'. I met this guy a while back when I was out shoppin'. I've run into him several times and he asked me out. He is such a cutie, and seems so nice, so I accepted. The meal was nice and the conversation was out of this world. He works in retail but he is goin' to school at a local university and wants to become a pharmacist. He's very intelligent and did I mention that he was cute. Sparkly teeth and eyes.
I do plan on goin' out with him again soon, maybe as soon as Saturday night but he does have studyin' to do with finals and all, but he says that he really wants to make some time to get away from all of that. I know how that can be, bein' all consumed with studyin' and all. His name is Rick by the way.

I don't know if I'm comin' across excited or not but I really am. I have dated a few guys since my break up but just wasn't into it and I think the guys weren't into me because of the vibes I was givin' off. I am tryin' hard to get back to what I used to be, more of who I am and want to be. So wish me luck in the dating game. If any of Y'all have any good dating pointers please be sure to fling 'em my way.

I'd better get goin' for now. Mornin' comes early. Y'all have an el viernes fantástico! And a variation on A's salutation "ta ta por el momento."


Lisa said...

Valerie, that is exciting news about you and Rick, am anxious to hear more about him, Hugs Lisa

John said...

Good news!! I hope Rick turns out to at least let you regain some of your trust. :) j

D said...

whuuu huuuuu sounds great. Sometimes ya just need to jump in with both feet... and yes you sound excited. Hope Rick can get some time you get out again.. looking forward to hearing some more about it