Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thank You

Hey Y'all. Thanks for stopping by and givin' me some support on my last entry. It really does mean a lot to me. : ) Thank you also for my new followers. I'm so surprised that anyone would want to hear what I have to say but it is very much appreciated!

Life hasn't been easy but I do think it is what you make of it. I know I'm a very nice person and I do have a lot to offer someone. I have had my issues with trusting men since then and I do hope that I can move forward in the future and put the past behind me, but of course it ain't easy to do so. Nightmares have a way of creepin' into your thoughts in certain situations.

Today me and A went to the Rose Bowl and watched her team win themselves a bid to the Rose Bowl game on January 1 against Penn St. A is stoked and promises that I will be going with her to that game. Sounds like fun. The last time I attended a Rose Bowl game was four years ago when Vince Young and my Texas Longhorns defeated A's Trojans. That was a fun trip and a lot of partying too! LOL

I won't know where my team will be playing come bowl season until sometime tomorrow when they make the announcement. It is a good bet we will be left out of the Championship for that will be reserved for Florida and Oklahoma. I hate Oklahoma, we bet them. Ugh!

Now that I got that frustration out, I think I'd better go post this and give A some attention. I'm at her place right now and probably will spend the night. I like it here, it is comfy, quiet, well except for me, haha, and feels very safe.

Have a good Sunday Y'all! : )

P.s. I read A's entry and I knew that little devil was trying to get me to do my own blog. The next thing ya know she will be insisting I change the name of this one. Haha And a big thank ya to Donna for being so kind and making a tag for me, it is so cool!


Terri said...

You're welcome! Thats what friends are for :)

Haha..glad Allison was able to get you to start's addicting isn't it...once you start...there is no stopping..I just love it!


Leigh said...

Welcome, and like Terri said, it's addicting.
If life wasn't a bumpy road we'd all just skate along.... instead we grow stronger, expand our knowledge, meet new people, learn more and more about ourselves.
:) Leigh

John said...

While I loved the idea of you and A doing a blog together, I am happy that your doing this one now. And I saw this coming right from the start !!! LOL j