Wednesday, December 3, 2008

About Me, I hope you have Time to Read

Hi Y'all. How Y'all doin' this week? Hopefully great.

Allison thought it would be a good thing for me, and good therapy for me, to tell you my story, well at least some of my past year or so.

Well I was born in Pasadena, Tx January 2, 1984 and lived my entire life in the Great state of Texas. I pretty much grew up in the Big D and went to college in Austin. Wow, that was a quick 22 years to recap wasn't it? LOL

I met a man, I will call him S. Well, S and I hit it off pretty much right from the start. He was not my first boyfriend, but he was my first real true love. We hit it off so wonderfully. It wasn't long and S proposed marriage to me. I happily excepted and I was just about the Yellowist Rose of Texas. I was going to get married at the age of 23.

I made so many plans. Had my bestest of friends helping me prepare for the big day. Caterers were set up, the church where my family has always gone to and Pastor Frank, I love this man, was set to officiate. 200 guests were given invitations and almost all excepted. I was so very excited. I'm sure you can imagine. We had planned a honeymoon in Hawaii and that was all set up.

A week before the wedding I was taken by my best friend and many other friends for a bachelorette weekend in sin city Las Vegas. I love that place, so much fun. We all had such a blast that weekend. Limos, clubs, dancing, being all girly, naughty, and fun. I don't think I've ever had such a fun time in my life. Good thing I had fun that weekend.

Monday morning came and it was time to catch a plane back home and so we did. I arrived home to an empty apartment. My jaw must have dropped about three feet, I swear I felt it hit the floor. I felt like someone slugged me in the gut. I looked in every room and all of S's stuff was vacated from our little abode.

I was in a panic. I had no idea what was going on. Was someone playing a joke on me? Maybe S had found us another home and it was going to be a surprise. But if that was true why did he just take his stuff and leave mine there? I started to cry. My friend G was with me at the time. I tried to call S on his cell but all I got was his voice mail. What was going on? Where was he? For that matter, where was I? I felt so totally weird.

Days went by, and finally I got a call from S. He said that he could not and would not go through with the wedding. He did not want to marry me. I asked him what happened? Was it my fault? Could we get together and talk about it? His answers were a brief I just don't want to get married, it wasn't my fault, and no I don't want to see you again. He hung up. Of course I tried calling back. Voice mail. Then not too long after that, phone was out of service. I never saw him again or talked to him again. A friend of mine just recently saw him and he asked about me.

So the wedding was off. The honeymoon was off. I couldn't have been so embarrassed! I had to call everyone and tell them not to come, some as far off as Mexico City. My parents had to eat the cost of the down payment for the caterers, but Pastor Frank didn't hold it against me or us. He was very sympathetic. He was in shock really, he felt like I did, we were so in love.

The honeymoon was off but I still had two tickets to Hawaii and I was able to put that trip on hold. A bunch of my friends got together and they decided I needed that trip and a couple of weeks later they made me go with them and it turned out to be a wonderful girl's trip to paradise. I needed that so much after what I had been through.

I moved to LA in June. I decided a new location, a new look, a new life would do me some good. Never lived outside of Texas. For the most part has been very wonderful here. I have a wonderful job and I met the most wonderful of friends in Allison. Let me tell you how wonderful she is. I'm sure lots of you know her online, she is so caring and loving. In person she is every bit the same if not more. It's hard to describe her other than to say that she is absolutely the bomb.

I know this has been a long read for you,if you indeed made it this far. Thanks for accepting me into Bloggerville, and I do hope to meet new friends here.

Have a nice rest of the week Y'all.


Lisa said...

Awwwww Valerie, I am so sorry that happened to you, you seem like a really sweet person, I agree Allison is awesome, Big Hugs to you, Lisa

John said...

Thanks.... I am sure this was hard to write, and certainly it was much harder to live. You have my prayers for becoming better and stronger than ever in this new life. For what its worth to you, I care .... really I do. J

LYN said...


Brittany said...

It's very much like the Sex And The City Movie LOL.

not sure if you've seen it so i'm not going to get into detail...but your story follows that story pretty closely.

I'm sorry he did that to you...why ask someone to marry them if you really don't want too???
Thats ridiculous and cowardly!

How come you and Allison don't post pictures of you guys? Only cartoon girls of yourself?
I'm sure you guys are gorgeous!

Leigh said...

{{Valerie}}, I'm sure it was a very rough time for you. Thank goodness for such wonderful friends. Add to that the wonderful friend you have now, Allison. Some good things have come out of your pain, never forget that.
I forgot to add myself to the followers list, so I'll have to come back and catch up later. I'm way behind on journal reading right now.

:) Leigh

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

This was obviously a heart breaking time in your life, but I give you thumbs up and many kuddos for your courage to write about it. Your stronger now and have to show so much pride along with having that to learn from. My best to you always,

D said...

OMG! I had no idea.. I bet this entry was a bit tough for you and I am proud of you that you shared. I have you now and will definitely stop by.
Hugs and welcome :)

Terri said...

Gosh so sorry you had to go through that! But so glad you and your friends took that trip to paradise deserved it! Jeff and I are talking about going to Hawaii would be a dream come true for me! Thanks for sharing that with us, I know it was probably hard to write about...


SCM said...

Hi Valerie. Thanks for sharing that. You'll find a lot of support here, I'm sure. S sounds like a total coward. I'm so sorry to hear what he did to you, there is absolutely no excuse for that.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

So sorry that happened to you. I know it was probably hard to write about,thanks for sharing it with us all.