Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feliz Navidad

I wish all of my friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ¡Deseo a todos mis amigos una Feliz Navidad y un próspero Año Nuevo!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Week, Went On a Date

Hey Y'all. Here's hopin' that you've had a sensational week and are preparing yourself for the fun of the weekend. Yippee! I've been so very busy this week, work work work, goin' in early and leavin' for home late.

At least it hasn't been all work and no play. I did go on a date, a dinner date to a nice restaurant last evenin'. I met this guy a while back when I was out shoppin'. I've run into him several times and he asked me out. He is such a cutie, and seems so nice, so I accepted. The meal was nice and the conversation was out of this world. He works in retail but he is goin' to school at a local university and wants to become a pharmacist. He's very intelligent and did I mention that he was cute. Sparkly teeth and eyes.
I do plan on goin' out with him again soon, maybe as soon as Saturday night but he does have studyin' to do with finals and all, but he says that he really wants to make some time to get away from all of that. I know how that can be, bein' all consumed with studyin' and all. His name is Rick by the way.

I don't know if I'm comin' across excited or not but I really am. I have dated a few guys since my break up but just wasn't into it and I think the guys weren't into me because of the vibes I was givin' off. I am tryin' hard to get back to what I used to be, more of who I am and want to be. So wish me luck in the dating game. If any of Y'all have any good dating pointers please be sure to fling 'em my way.

I'd better get goin' for now. Mornin' comes early. Y'all have an el viernes fantástico! And a variation on A's salutation "ta ta por el momento."

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mi Blog

Hey Y'all. Well it has come to pass. Allison has passed the torch to me full time for this blog. That pollito sure knows how to get ya hooked and then like a momma bird, kick ya out of the next to fly on your own. So this blog is pretty much all mine though I have retained Allison as a contributor if she so chooses.

I'm sure you have noticed a spiffed up the joint a bit with a new background and a new title too! I hope you like the changes and that you will continue to visit me in the future.

I'm a bit bummed this afternoon after watching my Cowboys blow the game in the 4th quarter to the Steelers. My lunch almost came back up when Tony Romo through that interception for a game winning touchdown.

I'm sitting here watching the BCS show that tells us what schools are going to what bowls. My Texas Longhorns will be playing in the Fiesta Bowl against the Buckeyes from Ohio St. That will be an easy win for sure!! They should be going to Miami for the National Championship game, ugh, don't get me started on that!!!!!
Time to end this entry. Hope Y'all have a semana fantástica! Fantastic week!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thank You

Hey Y'all. Thanks for stopping by and givin' me some support on my last entry. It really does mean a lot to me. : ) Thank you also for my new followers. I'm so surprised that anyone would want to hear what I have to say but it is very much appreciated!

Life hasn't been easy but I do think it is what you make of it. I know I'm a very nice person and I do have a lot to offer someone. I have had my issues with trusting men since then and I do hope that I can move forward in the future and put the past behind me, but of course it ain't easy to do so. Nightmares have a way of creepin' into your thoughts in certain situations.

Today me and A went to the Rose Bowl and watched her team win themselves a bid to the Rose Bowl game on January 1 against Penn St. A is stoked and promises that I will be going with her to that game. Sounds like fun. The last time I attended a Rose Bowl game was four years ago when Vince Young and my Texas Longhorns defeated A's Trojans. That was a fun trip and a lot of partying too! LOL

I won't know where my team will be playing come bowl season until sometime tomorrow when they make the announcement. It is a good bet we will be left out of the Championship for that will be reserved for Florida and Oklahoma. I hate Oklahoma, we bet them. Ugh!

Now that I got that frustration out, I think I'd better go post this and give A some attention. I'm at her place right now and probably will spend the night. I like it here, it is comfy, quiet, well except for me, haha, and feels very safe.

Have a good Sunday Y'all! : )

P.s. I read A's entry and I knew that little devil was trying to get me to do my own blog. The next thing ya know she will be insisting I change the name of this one. Haha And a big thank ya to Donna for being so kind and making a tag for me, it is so cool!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

About Me, I hope you have Time to Read

Hi Y'all. How Y'all doin' this week? Hopefully great.

Allison thought it would be a good thing for me, and good therapy for me, to tell you my story, well at least some of my past year or so.

Well I was born in Pasadena, Tx January 2, 1984 and lived my entire life in the Great state of Texas. I pretty much grew up in the Big D and went to college in Austin. Wow, that was a quick 22 years to recap wasn't it? LOL

I met a man, I will call him S. Well, S and I hit it off pretty much right from the start. He was not my first boyfriend, but he was my first real true love. We hit it off so wonderfully. It wasn't long and S proposed marriage to me. I happily excepted and I was just about the Yellowist Rose of Texas. I was going to get married at the age of 23.

I made so many plans. Had my bestest of friends helping me prepare for the big day. Caterers were set up, the church where my family has always gone to and Pastor Frank, I love this man, was set to officiate. 200 guests were given invitations and almost all excepted. I was so very excited. I'm sure you can imagine. We had planned a honeymoon in Hawaii and that was all set up.

A week before the wedding I was taken by my best friend and many other friends for a bachelorette weekend in sin city Las Vegas. I love that place, so much fun. We all had such a blast that weekend. Limos, clubs, dancing, being all girly, naughty, and fun. I don't think I've ever had such a fun time in my life. Good thing I had fun that weekend.

Monday morning came and it was time to catch a plane back home and so we did. I arrived home to an empty apartment. My jaw must have dropped about three feet, I swear I felt it hit the floor. I felt like someone slugged me in the gut. I looked in every room and all of S's stuff was vacated from our little abode.

I was in a panic. I had no idea what was going on. Was someone playing a joke on me? Maybe S had found us another home and it was going to be a surprise. But if that was true why did he just take his stuff and leave mine there? I started to cry. My friend G was with me at the time. I tried to call S on his cell but all I got was his voice mail. What was going on? Where was he? For that matter, where was I? I felt so totally weird.

Days went by, and finally I got a call from S. He said that he could not and would not go through with the wedding. He did not want to marry me. I asked him what happened? Was it my fault? Could we get together and talk about it? His answers were a brief I just don't want to get married, it wasn't my fault, and no I don't want to see you again. He hung up. Of course I tried calling back. Voice mail. Then not too long after that, phone was out of service. I never saw him again or talked to him again. A friend of mine just recently saw him and he asked about me.

So the wedding was off. The honeymoon was off. I couldn't have been so embarrassed! I had to call everyone and tell them not to come, some as far off as Mexico City. My parents had to eat the cost of the down payment for the caterers, but Pastor Frank didn't hold it against me or us. He was very sympathetic. He was in shock really, he felt like I did, we were so in love.

The honeymoon was off but I still had two tickets to Hawaii and I was able to put that trip on hold. A bunch of my friends got together and they decided I needed that trip and a couple of weeks later they made me go with them and it turned out to be a wonderful girl's trip to paradise. I needed that so much after what I had been through.

I moved to LA in June. I decided a new location, a new look, a new life would do me some good. Never lived outside of Texas. For the most part has been very wonderful here. I have a wonderful job and I met the most wonderful of friends in Allison. Let me tell you how wonderful she is. I'm sure lots of you know her online, she is so caring and loving. In person she is every bit the same if not more. It's hard to describe her other than to say that she is absolutely the bomb.

I know this has been a long read for you,if you indeed made it this far. Thanks for accepting me into Bloggerville, and I do hope to meet new friends here.

Have a nice rest of the week Y'all.